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Harold's Hog Wash Gourmet Barbecue Sauce

Harold's Hog Wash Gourmet Barbecue Sauce began in a small, humble family kitchen many years ago. After much encouragement from friends and family, Harold recently  began bottling up this secret sauce and sharing it with the world.

Whether you're looking for goodies to fill gourmet gift baskets, enjoy trying specialty foods, or just like sauces and spices that take your cooking to the next level, Harold's Hog Wash Gourmet Barbecue Sauce is worth the wait. 

Harold's Hog Wash is now recognized as one of the best barbecue sauces in the nation and has won several awards and gained national recognition. 

In 2012, Southern Living magazine named Harold's Hog Wash as one of The South's best barbecue sauces. The Southern Living writer described this gourmet barbecue sauce as a "clove-tinged, authoratative mustard." 

Regardless of how you want to describe Harold's Hog Wash, we believe you can say, "It's good!" 

There's a special place in Harold's heart for helping schools. Believe it or not, he was a school teacher and principal before making Harold's Hog Wash for the world. Contact Harold regarding fundraising opportunities with Harold's Hog Wash. Your students' family and friends will be glad you did.