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the origin of Harold’s Hog Wash Gourmet BBQ sauce

Harold and son spoke with WDEF News in Chattanooga about their award-winning Harold's Hog Wash Gourmet Barbecue Sauce!

Harold's Hog Wash Gourmet Barbecue Sauce


Over several decades, I have tried a huge variety of dry rubs and sauces on both pork and chicken, barbequed and smoked.  In 2009, I had the opportunity to try out Harold's Hog Wash Gourmet Barbecue Sauce.  I've used it on BBQ'd chicken and pork as well as on smoked baby back ribs.  Believe me, it just doesn't get any better that that!  This is not just my opinion...neighbors, family, friends and even out-of-town guests have been blown away by the taste.
Tom Patton, Midlothian, Virginia

I am on my second batch of Harold's Hog Wash Gourmet Barbecue Sauce and I put it on EVERYTHING, from scrambled eggs to burgers to barbeque ribs.  When my friend, Rich, was visiting me on his way back to San Diego, I made a smoked brisket, using Harold’s Hog Wash.  At the dinner table, Harold’s Hog Wash is a mainstay, along with the salt and pepper.  Rich had already poured some on his plate, and I picked up the bottle to shake it up, not realizing that Rich did not, repeat, did not screw the cap back on.  You can imagine where the Hog Wash went…on me, on the wall, and on the floor.  I'd like to say that my floors are clean enough that you can eat off them, but unfortunately, that is not the case.  However, Paula did lick off what landed on me, including my pants.  I can truly say that Harold’s Hog Wash is "Chest-lickin' good."
Dennis McConnell, Houston, TX


Harold's Hog Wash Gourmet Barbecue Sauce is as unique as its label.  Harold has mixed just the right combination of sweet and tangy spices thus making his sauce appropriate for any meat dish.  As a South Carolinian with 60+ years of BBQ eating experience and having personally barbequed scores of pigs for small and large groups, I highly recommend Harold's Hog Wash.  It satisfies the most discriminating palates.  Dr. Sam Dusenbury, Conway, SC
Dr. Sam Dusenbury, Conway, SC


You can tell that Harold’s Hog Wash Gourmet Barbecue Sauce is a great product because on the ingredients it plainly says it is made with TLC. Tastes great on anything!!
M. Kevin Murdock, Chattnooga, TN


Harold’s Hog Wash combines the best of the low country South Carolina mustard based sauce with a hint of the peppery North Carolina kick that makes it a favorite at our house.  People here in Alabama are beginning to discover what some of us have known for a long time – Harold’s Hog Wash is great on shoulders, loins, ribs, chicken or burgers.  Just give it a try!
Jim Gordon, Birmingham, AL


I don’t get to South Carolina as often as I’d like to, Harold’s Hog Wash brings me to that special place when I need little something Southern.  I’ve tried it on Chicken, ribs and scrambled eggs.  I’ve tasted nothing better! It is a wonderful change from the mass produced Ketchup based products on the market.  I have given it to friends and my future son in law with confidence that they will appreciate this unique product.  Rest assured I’ll be ordering more.  Thanks again for bringing me home to SC.
Joel Kipphut, Churchville, PA


As a South Georgia pore boy, I've made a lifetime of tasting and judging BBQ sauce. Harold's Hog Wash is one of the best - a perfect blend of spicy and sweet just right for chicken and pork.  Our business sends thank-you and holiday gift boxes of Southern goodies to friends and customers nationwide.  Harold's Hog Wash is consistently the most requested item.  It is a hit coast to coast!
Al Jacobs, Homerville, GA


Is it truth or Hog Wash? If it's hogwash, truthfully it can only be Harold's Hog Wash, the best Hog Wash known to western civilization. It is only in Harold's Hog Wash that one finds hope, happiness, and healing in a great tasting barbeque sauce which makes you want to praise the Lord for the good food you use it on.
Rich Riel, Philosopher, San Diego, CA


Harold's Hog Wash? That's some good tastin' stuff, if you ask me…DELICIOUS!!    It is so good, I would put up with the extra weight in my truck on a three day jungle hump just to be able to put it on my ham sandwich.
Greg "'n you can quote me on that" Olney, Saint Petersburg, FL


Those of us on the West Coast still enjoy pulled pork. Nothing goes better than your famous Harold’s Hog Wash Gourmet Barbecue Sauce.
Michael Selders, Everett, WA


I just bought 3 more bottles of your famous Harold's Hog Wash.   My son loves the stuff and wants to take 2 bottles back to school with him and I need to replace the one that he has already sucked down. I asked him for a testimonial and he said:   I put it on everything.
Rick Cox, Herndon, VA


I was hosting a graduation party at my home and serving pulled pork.  I ordered Harold's Hog Wash, but when it arrived and I saw the yellow color I did not think anyone in Kansas would go for it.  I purchased several bottles of the traditional red sauces for this area and put them on the table. I asked guests who were willing to please sample Harold’s Hog Wash and let me know what they thought.   At the end of the party, Harold’s Hog Wash was all gone, leaving me with lots of red sauces.  Guests not only raved about Harold's Hog Wash, but continue to have me order more for them.   Harold's Hog Wash has become a favorite in Garden City, Kansas. Harold's Hog Wash is the Best!!!
Peggy Glunt, Garden City, KS


I first tried Harold’s Hog Wash to compliment my barbeque…then it was good with my chicken, pork chop, steaks, etc…Now I have to decide what meat will go best with Harold’s Hog Wash because I am sure I’ll have it again tonight.
Chad Bone, Shelbyville, TN


I bought a case of Harold’s Hog Wash this summer. It is depleted. It’s not that we grill out that often, but my neighbors got a taste of it and only place they could find Harold’s Hog Wash was in my pantry, hence my supply disappeared! Unlike anything you can buy at your chain grocery store, give it a try.
Dave Gash, Kentucky


No contest as far as this Yankee is concerned!  Harold's Hog Wash is the best tasting BBQ sauce anywhere...not just in the Carolinas.
Karen Cappuccio, Boston, MA


The World's best BBQ sauce is Harold's Hog Wash.  I know.. I have tasted a million kinds.  Harold's Hog Wash works on BBQ, salads, as a soup enhancer, to flavor stews.  The uses are endless.
Bobby Rawls, Fayetteville, TN


Harold's Hog Wash is the best BBQ sauce ever made!!!
Rhonda Jane Dennis, Fernandina Beach, FL


There are a lot of barbeque sauces in my part of South Carolina, but none can hold a candle to Harold's Hog Wash.  The only problem I have is keeping it away from my son, who puts it on everything!
Dan Ader, Columbia, SC


Absolutely the best!  I've been around a long time and have had the opportunity to try many BBQ sauces.  Harold's Hog Wash is the stuff!!!  Try it, and you'll never go back!
Ginger Rhodes, Summerton, SC


Harold's Hog Wash is the bomb!
Con Kellerhals, Ringgold, GA


After 40 years of trying BBQ sauces, I've finally found one that's worth its bacon!  It's Harold's Hog Wash Gourmet Barbecue Sauce.  I use it on everything from my lobster to my scrambled eggs.  If you don’t have Harold's Hog Wash, get some!   If you do have Harold's Hog Wash, get some more!  It tastes HONEST!  If you say there's a better BBQ sauce out there, I say HOG WASH!
Laurie Emberley, mid-coast, Maine


It had to happen sooner or later!!!  Harold's Hog Wash managed to cover the miles and clear all customs to arrive in SOUTH AFRICA!!!!  That's right!   On the night of Friday the 13th, in the boma at Harrison Hope Wine Estate, Harold's Hog Wash did its stuff.  Pork Rashers never tasted same.  A pig is a pig!  Thanks, Mr. Wilcox, for going the extra mile (the 8000th mile) in sending us the two standard issue bottles of Harold's Hog Wash!  P.S.  It was nearly confiscated in Johannesburg as an explosive substance, but finally cleared.  You Da Man, Harold.  Harold's Hog Wash Da SAUCE!
Peachey T. Carnahan, South Africa


My father sent us some of your delicious Hog Wash.  We tested it on some friends Saturday night.  It received RAVE reviews.  It is simply the best!  We'll be ordering more!
Beth Farrar Keeler, Jackson, MS


Just a quick note to say how much everyone enjoyed your Hog Wash.  DELICIOUS was the consensus!
Jean Santos, Dorchester, England


I was lucky enough to meet Harold and experience his fantastic gourmet BBQ sauce when dining at Miss Mary Bobo's Boarding House in Jack Daniel's Country (Lynchburg, Tennessee).  Harold's Hog Wash is a culinary delight.  We had it on pork ribs, and it was absolutely to die for.  I look forward to taking some back to New Zealand for my fellow Kiwi's to try, and who knows, maybe even a few hobbits. :-)
Martin Morris - Auckland, New Zealand


I have tried numerous BBQ sauces over the years, and Harold's Hog Wash is definitely one of the best.  I can see why it made "Southern Living's" Top 13 BBQ sauces.  It has a nice kick, and I love it on chicken.  My kids use it as a dipping sauce for both chicken tenders and French fries.  Really good stuff!
John Strickland, Murfreesboro, TN


Take it from a "Yankee" named Bubba, Harold's Hog Wash is good on most everything.  Give it a try, you'll like it!    
Jim Schaap (Bubba), Spring Lake, Michigan

When my son's basketball team needed items for a silent auction, my first thought was putting together Harold's Hog Wash Gourmet Barbecue Sauce gift beskets. We packaged several bottles of Harold's Hog Wash Gourmet Barbecue Sauce with an award-winning Harold's Hog Wash tshirt and a couple of Harold's Hog Wash koozies, and the team was glad we did. Those Harold's Hog Wash gourmet gift baskets were  popular prizes!

Mike Counts, Huntsville, AL


Harold' Hog Wash is my new secret kitchen flavor weapon.  I just drizzle a couple of tablespoons over a big bowl of garden-fresh steamed green beans.  What a fantastic enhancement to nature's vitamins!
Elizabeth Parker, Olympia, Washington


Harold's Hog Wash Gourmet Barbecue Sauce has a great consistency for grilling.  It's unique flavor has dinner guests guessing what I'm using to baste.  The secret is now out!
Kimball Parker, Kimberling City, MO